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5 Best Podcasts For Your Commute To Work

5 Best Podcasts For Your Commute To Work

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While many LA residents are entrepreneurs and remote workers, many still head into the office for the traditional 9-5. Whether you bike, drive a car or take public transportation to work, a podcast can always make the commute a little more bearable.  


Listening to something positive is a great way to start your day and can be the catalyst for a productive work day. Check out these podcasts that are perfect for the morning commute: 


Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert 

If you've ever felt that your creativity has been stifled by your nine-to-five, this podcast is for you. Elizabeth Gilbert uses this podcast to dive deep into conversations about creativity in the workplace. Based on her book Big Magic, this podcast delivers stories about everyday people who found the magic in not trying to fit their creativity into their employer’s socially constructed box. 


Start with this episode: Magic Lessons Ep. 207: “Living the Dream and Facing the Nightmare” featuring Neil Gaiman 


The Limit Does Not Exist by Forbes 

In a society that pressures us to be really good at one thing, this podcast covers the beauty of dabbling in multiple things that bring you joy. Packed with real-life stories and excellent advice, this easy-to-listen-to podcast will help you explore your strengths and desires and learn different ways to merge them. Their take on being a multi-hyphenated professional is an interesting concept that will help you rethink the way you work.  


Start with this episode: Season 3, Episode 106 Office Hours: Overcoming Overwhelm  


Death, Sex & Money 

Society tells us that death, sex, and money are taboo topics that we just don't discuss. Even though they are all a natural part of our everyday life, we've all been taught to avoid these conversations at all costs. The Death Sex and Money podcast turns this social construct on its head and answers all the questions we've been too afraid to ask. Covering topics like estrangement, friendships, race, aging, sex, grief, and creativity, this podcast will get your brain working in the morning and can lead to great conversations throughout your workday.  


Start with this episode: "There’s Never a Perfect Time to Say, 'I’m Blind'" 



The Accidental Creative  

How would your work day be different if you spent your morning commute picking the brains of some of the country's best business leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists? How could you benefit from learning from their mistakes, strategies, and experiences? The Accidental Creative is an inspiring podcast that lets you listen in on conversations with leaders across various industries, and is designed to “help you stay prolific, brilliant, and healthy” 


Start with this episode: Ideas, Armpits, and Founding Grubhub (with Mike Evans) 


Wheel of Misfortune 

One way to feel good about your life is to hear embarrassing stories and epic failures from other people. This laugh-your-socks-off funny podcast shares stories of people failing in a variety of funny ways, ranging from cringy first date stories to mom fails, and all of the things that can go wrong at weddings, funerals, and even in bed.  


Start with this episode: Hospital Horrors with Josh Jones and Sofie Hagen 


Bottom Line  

If you worked in Downtown Santa Monica and lived in NMS Luxe Villas, you’d have a thirty-minute commute to work each day, which is just enough time to listen to a great podcast and get your mind right for the day. NMS Luxe Villas is a great option for entrepreneurs and small business owners too, because of its modern amenities and open-concept floor plans. Want to learn more? Take a virtual tour 

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