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How To Have (And Keep) a Clutter-Free Bedroom

How To Have (And Keep) a Clutter-Free Bedroom

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Clutter in your apartment can be frustrating, inconvenient, and stressful, and living in a cluttered or disorganized space can decrease focus and productivity and increase anxiety. The key to comfortable living in an apartment is maximizing your space and minimizing the clutter.  

Whether you're currently living in a cluttered space or you're trying to be proactive before moving into your next apartment, here are a few ways to have and keep a clutter-free space. 


Start Downsizing 

Reducing clutter in your new apartment starts way before you even move in. As you begin to prepare for your move, carefully consider everything that you're planning on bringing to your new apartment. Getting rid of extra stuff now will make moving into your new space easier. As you pack your boxes, ask yourself: 


  • Do I have more than one of these? 

  • When was the last time I used this? 

  • Do I already have something that serves the same purpose? 

  • Would I buy this item again? 

  • Does this have sentimental value? 

  • Do I love this item? 

  • Do I know someone who could use this more than me? 

  • Does my new apartment already have one of these? 


Based on your answers, you can throw away, donate, or sell a lot of the items that would eventually cause clutter in your new apartment.  


Start With Surfaces 

If your bedroom starts to feel a little cluttered and you're not sure where to start, look at all of the flat surfaces in your room. This includes nightstands, desks, and TV tables. What items need to be on these surfaces and what items could be moved? Sometimes it's as easy as clearing off water bottles, putting books away, throwing away trash, or tidying up your cords and wires. When the flat surfaces in your bedroom are cleared off, your room immediately starts to feel less cluttered.  


Using bowls, baskets, and trays can be another easy way to store small knick-knacks and items that you want to keep together. They can also add to the aesthetic of the room and be both functional and stylish.  


Have A Place For Clothes 

Dirty clothes all over your bedroom can make your room feel unorganized and unwelcoming. Consider putting a laundry basket in the corner, or if you are trying to maximize space, hang a laundry net in the corner of the room so you're not taking up floor space. Then you can take the entire laundry basket or laundry net with you on laundry day. When all the clothes are off the floor, your room instantly feels bigger.  

There needs to be a system for clean clothes too. Instead of a laundry basket full of clean clothes sitting on the floor, take the time to fold and put your clothes away. This makes it easier to see what clothes you have and frees up space in your bedroom. A few times a year, go through your wardrobe and throw away, sell, or donate clothes that you haven't worn in a while.  


Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture  

Another easy way to minimize clutter in your apartment is to invest in multi-purpose furniture. A bench that sits at the end of your bed could be great for additional seating while also being a place to store shoes, linens, blankets, or other accessories. A bed frame with built-in storage is another great way to increase your storage without taking up a lot of space. Depending on how much space you have to work with, consider investing in some of these multifunctional furniture options to increase storage space and reduce clutter: 


  • A coffee table with built-in drawers 

  • A bookcase that doubles as a TV stand  

  • Couches that pull out into beds  

  • Footrests that double as storage compartments  


Use The Vertical Space 

Installing baskets, shelves, and pegboards to your walls can be a great way to stay organized without taking up valuable floor space. Install hooks to hang bulky items like jackets, purses, and sweatshirts. If you use your bedroom as a study space, use the wall to hang calendars, whiteboards, and baskets of office supplies so they don't take up room on your desk.  


Create A Decluttering Routine  

Once you've created a clutter-free space, you'll have to be intentional about keeping it that way. Create a reminder in your phone or a calendar to declutter once a month. This way, you'll never find yourself in a situation where your room or your apartment is overwhelmed with clutter. As you get into the decluttering habit, you'll begin to think more carefully about the things that you buy and bring home and how they will take up space in your apartment.  


Bottom Line 

Whether you're living in a compact co-living suite or have an entire 2 bedroom apartment to yourself, clutter can make any space feel small and crowded. Implementing these easy steps will help free up space in your apartment and allow you to feel more comfortable, productive, creative, and efficient. Take a virtual tour of NMS Luxe Villas and take the next step toward luxury Brentwood living.  

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