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3 Reasons You Should Consider Travel Nursing In Brentwood

3 Reasons You Should Consider Travel Nursing In Brentwood

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Traveling nurses often have their pick of locations in California. For those considering the Brentwood/Santa Monica area, there are many large medical centers in which to obtain work across a variety of specialties. Additionally, this area is home to multiple fine and casual dining opportunities and entertainment venues. 

All of these amenities are within easy distance of NMS Villas, offering flexible leasing for travel nurses in need of Brentwood apartments

Large Medical Centers for Traveling Nurses Near Brentwood 

The following large medical centers provide employment opportunities for travel nurses in Brentwood, just 13 minutes from Santa Monica. Whether you specialize in geriatrics, pediatrics, or another specialty, there are many potential employers in the area, including the following: 

These locations are well known for amazing staff and medical advancement. Which one appeals most to you and the experience you wish to glean? 

2. Plenty of Dining Options 

From grabbing a fresh salad to indulging in a delicious burger to fine dining, Brentwood has it all. Here are a few of the best restaurants to refuel and relax in after a shift or on your well-earned days off. 


Pasjoli is an elevated French bistro right on Santa Monica’s Main Street. For decadent onion soup, beef tartare, and other French delicacies, this is the right place to go. You’ll also find LA-inspired dishes in an upscale casual venue. 

Rustic Canyon 

Rustic Canyon provides farm-to-table menus featuring Californian cuisine. Tourists and locals enjoy entrees such as grass-fed short ribs with curried macadamia nuts and starters like the unimpeachable amberjack crudo with dragonfruit and cilantro. In true Californian style, the restaurant focuses on the food rather than a fancy presentation. 

Bay Cities 

If you're missing your home deli, try Bay Cities. You can't consider yourself a temporary Angelina without trying a sandwich piled high with pursuit to, salami, ham, provolone and other irresistible ingredients. Housemade bread, fresh pasta and olive oil, and cheeses are just some of the attractions that will bring you back again and again. You may like it better than your corner deli back home! 


Cassia offers up South Asian cuisine in an elegant venue. Try Indonesian beef rendang in coconut curry or the fusion-inspired Chinese-Louisiana tasso sausage. You can also find dishes inspired by Vietnamese and other South Asian cultures. For a modern take on cuisine dating back centuries, Cassia has many delectable dishes you must try. 

Endless Entertainment 

Santa Monica State Beach boasts more than three miles of pristine shoreline. Ideal weather, soft sand, and the incomparable Pacific Ocean make this one of the most popular beaches in California. 

You should also plan to visit The Third Street Promenade, from Santa Monica Place to Wilshire Boulevard. You'll find chain stores and local boutiques such as H&M and Kenneth Karmiole, respectively. 

There are also many concert venues and local festivals, depending on the time of year you stay in the area. There are numerous walking and biking trails, including Marvin Braude Beach Trail, known locally as "The Strand." 

As you can see, sun and fun await travel nurses deployed to Santa Monica medical facilities. NMS Villas offers furnished co-living suites for 31-days or longer. That’s ideal for traveling nurses in need of beautiful Brentwood Apartments with flexible leasing options. Numerous amenities are built into this modern complex, and you can easily find other travel nurse roommates who will recognize all we have to offer. 

Contact us today to find a welcome respite after a day of saving lives.

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