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What exactly IS a co-living suite and does it make sense for you?

What exactly IS a co-living suite and does it make sense for you?

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Communal living is not a new idea, but luxury apartment buildings in Brentwood like NMS Villas have given it a modern twist. Co-living is a popular option for busy professionals and students in Brentwood because it combines the privacy of a traditional apartment with the community and the convenience of living with roommates. This unique type of living Arrangement is not for everyone, so it's important to understand exactly what co-living is, what to expect from a co-living suite, and if this type of apartment living is right for you. 


Independence and Privacy 

Co-living Suites give residents their own private bedroom, a place that is uniquely theirs and can be decorated and designed to reflect their style. This space features bedroom furniture, a fully furnished bathroom, and space to retreat from the rest of the house. Long gone are the days when co-living meant squeezing into a tiny bunk bed surrounded by strangers. Now, residents who choose the co-living lifestyle have their own bedroom, their own bed, and their own space to spread out and get comfortable. 


Designed By Professionals  

Co-living suites tend to be smaller than traditional apartments, but their designer finishes and amenities make up for what they lack in space. Each of NMS Residential’s furnished units is carefully curated by an in-house interior designer to provide the ultimate turnkey experience. Apartments feature hand-selected art collections that perfectly complement each building’s unique surroundings. 


Properties like NMS Villas offer hand-selected modern finishes, including quartz countertops and built-in cabinetry. This eliminates the need to buy or bring bulky furniture to make the suite livable. When you move in, it’s already done.  


One challenge that many new roommates face when moving into an apartment together is how to furnish their living areas. When you move into a co-living suite, this isn't an issue. Everyone moves into a fully furnished apartment that's already been decorated. Someone else has already found, furnished, and decorated the apartment before you move in. And even better, you don't have to argue about whose turn it is to clean these shared areas because professional housekeeping is part of the deal.  


Community and Connection 

While co-living suites are designed for privacy and space, they're also designed for community and connection. When you need to study quietly, rest, or just have your own time, your bedroom and personal space are perfect for this. But when you want to collaborate, share ideas and resources, study together, and make new friends, the shared living areas are perfect for socializing. Whether you share a living area, kitchen, or laundry space, co-living gives you the freedom and flexibility to be as social or independent as you want. 


Co-Living Pros and Cons 


If you’re still on the fence about co-living, check out the pros and cons to help you make a confident and informed decision: 



  • A community built right in 

  • Fully furnished 

  • Equal parts privacy and common area 

  • More affordable 

  • Cleaning included 

  • You only have to worry about your rental responsibilities and cleaning your personal space. No more arguments over late rent or dirty dishes.  


  • Co-living suites are generally smaller than traditional apartments 

  • Shared space with others can be overwhelming sometimes 

  • Less control over roommate selection 


The Bottom Line 

Co-living is a great way to experience the apartment lifestyle in Beverly Hills. It’s a cost-effective option for those moving to the city and looking for a furnished apartment close to everywhere they want to be. It can also be easy to make new friends in a big city and build lifelong friendships. Want to see a suite? Schedule a tour today.  

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