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The Outdoor Enthusiasts Guide To Living In Brentwood | NMS Villas

The Outdoor Enthusiasts Guide To Living In Brentwood

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Considered one of Los Angeles's most affluent neighborhoods, Brentwood is a beautiful blend of luxury real estate, historic community features, gourmet eateries, high-end shopping, and a vibrant art and culture scene. And while a lot of Brentwood’s focus is on luxury living, it’s also a great place to explore the great outdoors. 

Check out some of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of Brentwood: 

Brentwood Country Club 

People from all over Southern California flock to Brentwood for a unique golfing experience. This luxury course is located about halfway between San Francisco and the Central Valley and offers gorgeous greens with views of Mount Diablo. The 27-hole championship golf course was designed by world-renowned golf course architect, Ted Robinson. The course is open to the public.  

The Creekside, Hillside, and Diablo courses are the most challenging and the most popular, and reservations can be made up to 18 months in advance. For new golfers, there is a practice net and putting green, and the club’s top-notch golf professionals teach both group and private lessons for those who want to better their golf game.  

Round Valley Regional Preserve 

For those looking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the library and be immersed in nature, the Round Valley Regional Preserve is the place to go. Some of the most popular activities at the park include: 


Countless trails weave through the preserve. Some offer challenging, long-distance hikes with significant elevation gains, while other trails offer an easier, flatter route. The Hardy Canyon Loop starts in a dense grove and then quickly climbs into a sweeping grassland with a view. Murphy Meadow Loop is another great hiking option. It circles Round Valley itself and is the prettiest in the spring. If you’re looking for solitude, you’ll get it on this trail since it sees far fewer visitors than the Hardy Canyon Loop.  

Other hikes to try include:  

  • Miwok Trail 

  • Foxtail Trail 

  • Adobe Trail 

  • Shiba Spot Loop 


There are many beautiful places to camp in San Fernando Valley, and Round Valley Regional Preserve is one of them. Whether you’re looking for a single tent site or a group camping site, there are beautiful and spacious sites perfect for setting up and disconnecting. There is non-potable water at each site, and reservations must be made at least 5 days in advance. It’s important to note that it’s a 3.6-mile walk from the staging area to the campsites. When weather and trials are good, up to two cars can carry supplies from the staging area to the campsite, but the road is not meant for traffic.  

Wildlife Viewing 

Round Valley Regional Preserve is home to a wide variety of wildlife typical of that found in the East Bay Area. Bring your binoculars (and your patience) and look for the California ground squirrel, tiny pocket mice, desert cottontails, and the endangered San Joaquin kit fox. Don’t forget to look up and see if you can spot nesting golden eagles or burrowing owls! 

Fishing At Los Vaqueros 

If being near the water is your idea of a peaceful afternoon, bring your gear out to Los Vaqueros for some of the best fishing in the area. This collection of lakes is known to be a great place to catch striper, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and catfish.  

Parks and Playgrounds 

While many people think of Brentwood as a place for business professionals And celebrities, it's also a great place for families. There are a lot of things for families to do together outside, including a handful of great parks and playgrounds throughout the city. If you're planning on moving your family to Brentwood, add some of these fun playgrounds to your weekend itinerary: 

  • Blue Goose Park 

  • Rainbows End Park 

  • Creekside Park 

  • Oak Meadow Park  

Some parks throughout the city have extravagant water features and splash pads that are great for cooling off in the summer. Others feature swings and slides, climbing structures, big fields for playing sports, stroller-friendly walking trails, and disc golf fields. 

Fitness Clubs 

Another way to enjoy the great outdoors and stay active while doing it is by joining a fitness club in Brentwood. There are running clubs, swimming clubs, early-morning-yoga-on-the-beach clubs, and biking clubs, just to name a few. Whatever type of fitness you're into, there's probably a group of people in Brentwood already doing it. You can even find local groups of people who like to go hiking, geocaching, surfing, and other outdoor activities. It's not hard to find people in Brentwood who like to spend time outdoors.  

Luxury apartments in Brentwood like NMS Villas also give locals an easy and convenient way to enjoy the outdoors. Rooftop lounges and cabanas will change the way you think about enjoying the outdoors.  

Bottom Line 

One of the things people love about Brentwood is the way that it combines luxury living with the beauty of the great outdoors. While Brentwood does have its fair share of luxury shops, fine dining restaurants, impressive real estate, and museums, it's also a great place to get outside and get active.  

From hiking and biking to fishing and fitness clubs, Brentwood is a great place to stay active. Want to be a part of this vibrant community? Schedule a tour of NMS Villas today!  

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