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5 Attractions to Check Out in Brentwood This Week | NMS Villas

5 Attractions to Check Out in Brentwood This Week

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If you live in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, you don’t need to go far to find amazing things to do! If you are looking for some activities this week, we have the top five attractions you need to check out. 

Round Valley Regional Preserve 

If you love the outdoors, you won’t want to skip a visit to Round Valley Regional Preserve. This breathtaking green space includes more than 2,000 acres of outdoor fun. The park is a popular spot for outdoor activities of all kinds, from horseback riding to hiking, camping, and more. It is also the perfect spot to observe some of southern California’s most beautiful flora and fauna. 

Brentwood Farmers’ Market 

Looking for some farm-fresh produce? There is no better place to find it than the Brentwood Farmers’ Market. Even in a farmers’ market paradise like southern California, this one stands out as a must-visit. It takes place every week throughout most of the year. You’ll find produce of every kind imaginable, as well as homemade dishes such as tamales, baked goods, seafood, and much more. 

Hannah Nicole Vineyards And Winery 

California’s famous wine country might be a few hundred miles to the north, but you can still find some excellent vineyards right in Brentwood. One of the best is Hannah Nicole Vineyards, which stands in the shadow of Mt. Diablo. The winery isn’t just a place for enjoying a delicious cabernet sauvignon or rose. It’s also a place for education, hosting tours all about the winemaking process. Depending on when you visit, you’ll find live entertainment taking place both in the tasting room and outside. 

John Muir Interpretive Center 

The John Muir Interpretive Center is a conservation education facility and museum. Here, visitors can learn about science and natural history as they relate to modern conservation efforts. There are also exhibits about the native animal life in southern California as well as the famous Los Vaqueros Watershed. One of the most popular attractions is the Augmented Reality Sandbox, which lets you experiment with designing topographies. 

El Campanil Theatre 

El Campanil Theatre is arguably one of the most famous historic theaters in the Brentwood area. Built in 1928, the stage has been graced by some of the most legendary celebrities of the past century. Past performers include famous names such as Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor, Mary Pickford, and Roy Rogers. 

Exploring Brentwood 

Brentwood is one of the most charming spots in the Los Angeles region, full of historical, natural, and cultural attractions. If you’re looking for apartments in Brentwood near some of these attractions, NMS Villas offers easy access to these cultural treasures. Contact NMS Villas to learn more about attractions in the area!

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